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Pursuing Dreams | New Days

Posted on June 30th, 2014

I’m back!! And so excited for the changes up ahead.

Like I mentioned in January, there are so many new things on the horizon for me and my photography business. I took a break from this blog as I worked through all the details (moving, traveling, and meeting some amazing new clients!!) and now I’m back to share all that has happened so far.

•We moved! We loved the little town of Sewickley but found a new great place in Pittsburgh and I absolutely love our new space – hardwood floors, big windows…. need I say more? One of the best things about our new place is that (drum rolll…) I have my own office! There is space to shoot, work, and display my clients favorite images :-)

•I traveled! Keep an eye on the blog for future posts of my trip to Colorado as well as several upcoming trips back home to Philly for weddings and portrait sessions! (If you are looking for a session in the Philadelphia area make sure to send me an email soon!)

•My office hours are changing! This could possibly be the biggest announcement and I can’t believe that this day is finally here. In these past few weeks, I’ve been making the transition from my full time to a part time position as a nanny. I can’t wait for the extra time I will have to pour into my business and yes, it may sound funny, but one of the biggest things I’m looking forward to is waking up and getting to work on my photography first thing in the morning! What can I say? I love what I do. I love the two children I take care of so much and they have become family to me so I will definitely be missing them on my days off. But the time has come to make changes and I can’t thank you all enough for your support and interest and referrals that have taken my little business and transformed it to where it is now! I never knew I would need to move in order to have more space to run my own business or have to leave behind a full time job because I have so many great clients who want to work with me :-)

As a result of all these changes, I am looking forward to being able to add stories to this blog every Monday and Friday with occasional bonus posts during the week. Let me know if you’ll be reading along – its always nice to have company.

Here’s to all the new adventures and a great summer. Hop on board, we’re going places :-)

Thanks for Visiting!

Posted on April 14th, 2014


I am so glad you stopped by! For the next few weeks, this blog will be a little quiet! Gabrielle Halle Photography is jumping into a new season and I am so excited for the wonderful brides and grooms, high school seniors, and young families that I get to work with in the upcoming months. If you would like to be a part of my photography season, please just use the contact form and I would love to talk with you and plan your portrait experience. Until then, check back in a few weeks to see the new changes, some great weddings and portrait sessions, and a little behind-the-scenes with me as I tell my story along the way.